I designed this graphic to call out the elephant in the room.

Seen from this perspective the “extremism” is actually quite sensible: the more guns on the streets - the more violence we see - the greater our fear - the more weapons are sold. Any regulation of guns amounts to a restriction of gun sales, and less guns sold means less weapons industry profit. I am not implying that this business decision is an ethical one, but it is a rational one, and our insistence on categorizing it as extreme, crazy, senseless is only providing cover for an industry acting in its own best interest.
Excerpt from PAYING FOR WAR

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Another post sadly just as relevant now as when I wrote it: Are we courageous enough to face the why?



The Kink Doctor visual vocabulary evolved from discussions between Art Director Thomas Gallagher and Executive Producer / Show Host Dulcinea Pitagora. Among the concepts encoded into the work: visibility & anonymity; deviation, variation, and diversity; freedom, expression, and exploration; transformation & transcendence. Motion throughout the open mirrors the dynamics within the show itself: coming out, welcoming in, revealing that which lies beneath the surface.

Video and photographic ephemera shot by Thomas Gallagher and Maika Harrell with additional photography by Walter Wlodarczyk, Cliffton Creque Jr., and Anthelian. Music by Echobone.

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