Awareness from the Forth Position Archive

Stand Up New York was a loose knit coalition established to organize around the first anniversary of 9/11. Two events were the focus of this organizing: a march / rally - Stand Up, and an all night vigil - Stand Still. The two events were seen as complimentary, offering people a range of ways to express their feelings. The march / rally invited those who wanted to be vocal to stand up prior to the actual anniversary, recognizing that media fervor on the actual date would likely drown out any dissent about the war. The vigil offered those wanting to reflect with like minded others on the anniversary an opportunity to stand still. Standing still as in stillness or silence and still in terms of time, as in continuing to stand. The stand up / stand still concept was also an intentional re-framing of the often used / abused phrase united we stand. 

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Central to the Stand Up mobilization were solidarity actions around a host of related peace & justice issues. To this effect, later versions of the flyer contained a full calendar of 12 unique events. A lead banner and five solidarity banners were designed to increase visibility of these issues, and mobilized at numerous actions over the next several months including the march / rally in Washington DC on October 26th, 2002.

March (Solidarity) Banners – 6-10' x 2'

Stand Up March - photo by Adam Rountree
Uptown Youth for Peace & Justice March
Uptown Youth for Peace & Justice March
Protest at (in) Senator Clinton's Office
Not in Our Name Rally – Central Park
Stand Up March - photo by Adam Rountree

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Stand Up March
Cover of Friedens Forum - Challenge Terrorism?

All black and white photos by Fred Askew



Forth was excited to be a part of this collaborative project, designing the final graphics for this 12' x 8' rolling faux chalkboard. Designed to function as both march banner and press interview backdrop, the piece provided a point of focus within the Scientist’s Contingent at the People’s Climate March.

Thomas Gallagher of Forth was interviewed briefly the day of the march for a PBS article. The resulting quote despite his best efforts is sadly, but typically, science information free.

Special thanks to Lucky Tran, Gan Golan, Nils Wessell and all involved for their excellent work!


Awareness from the Forth Position Archive

On February 15th 2003, an estimated 15 million people in 60 countries around the world said No to War. The largest of these demonstrations took place in countries that were part of the Bush administration's coalition of the willing: with 2 million marching in Rome, 1.5 million in London, 1.3 million in Barcelona.

In January of 2003, after much discussion on the relative merits of positive / negative messaging, the slogan The World Says No to War was agreed upon. Forth founder Thomas Gallagher took part in this discussion as volunteer coordinator of the United for Peace & Justice Arts & Culture Working Group.

Forth proposed 14 banners with languages selected from two groups: countries on the UN Security Council that could veto a use of force resolution, and communities specifically targeted or being more directly affected by the policies of the war on terror. The four languages on the march signs were chosen to symbolically represent the three major cultural / religious communities at the center of the conflict. The banners and signs were created with two objectives in mind, to visually show solidarity with people outside the United States while empowering members of those communities / cultures living here to represent their sisters and brothers in their country of origin. Forth also designed a series of t-shirts mirroring the four language signs. The designs were based on prior Forth signage for Stand Up New York. A 10' x 24' stage banner created for the FEB 15 rally was based on the drawings of a young graffiti artist from Philadelphia and painted, quite literally, overnight by members of the Arts & Culture Working Group.

Photo by Fred Askew
New York Times photo
Photo by Diane Greene Lent
Photo by Diane Greene Lent
Associated Press photo
El Diario / La Prensa photo

Language (Solidarity) Banners from top: English, Tagalog, Korean, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, Russian, Japanese, Urdu, Italian, French and Chinese. Main Banner 3' x 20'. All others 2' x 7-10'

T-Shirt Front
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Spanish Version

Over the subsequent months Forth designed other UFPJ banners, signs, mobilizing and issue specific flyers, and even produced a radio announcement for a UFPJ organized New York Says No to WTO rally.

June 23, 2004 Bush Fundraiser Protest (in solidarity with Planned Parenthood) Signs x2 – Front / Back. Bombs Drop Bush Profits small type reads Carlyle – Halliburton – Bechtel. Who Profits From War? small type: same plus The Bush Campaign. Bush Lied About WMD small type: and everything else.
Photo from Hoy by Rami Talaie
Page from MSNBC website slideshow

Q & A October 25 Rally & March Mobilization Flyer – English / Spanish

Tax Day / NYC Budget Cuts Flyer Front / Back

September 13, 2003 - World Says No to WTO
March 20, 2004 – photo by Diane Greene Lent