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Raising awareness isn’t always about new ideas, sometimes it’s a reminder of what we already know. 

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I’ve signed my letters with this gentle reminder/acknowledgment since the early days of Forth Position. The button artwork I mocked up has been drifting from computer to computer on the backburner for almost as long... Lately I have been getting in touch with how much the production of these design objects delights me, how much I miss the smell of the ink, the repetition of form, the vernacular of design.

I wrote a short piece for The Missing Point about how YOU ARE FREE resonates for me in the current political climate. Now also available as a podcast.



I designed this graphic to call out the elephant in the room.

Seen from this perspective the “extremism” is actually quite sensible: the more guns on the streets - the more violence we see - the greater our fear - the more weapons are sold. Any regulation of guns amounts to a restriction of gun sales, and less guns sold means less weapons industry profit. I am not implying that this business decision is an ethical one, but it is a rational one, and our insistence on categorizing it as extreme, crazy, senseless is only providing cover for an industry acting in its own best interest.
Excerpt from PAYING FOR WAR

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Another post sadly just as relevant now as when I wrote it: Are we courageous enough to face the why?



The Kink Doctor visual vocabulary evolved from discussions between Art Director Thomas Gallagher and Executive Producer / Show Host Dulcinea Pitagora. Among the concepts encoded into the work: visibility & anonymity; deviation, variation, and diversity; freedom, expression, and exploration; transformation & transcendence. Motion throughout the open mirrors the dynamics within the show itself: coming out, welcoming in, revealing that which lies beneath the surface.

Video and photographic ephemera shot by Thomas Gallagher and Maika Harrell with additional photography by Walter Wlodarczyk, Cliffton Creque Jr., and Anthelian. Music by Echobone.

For more information and to view the pilot episode visit kinkdoctor.com



The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is a private corporation started by former heads of the Democratic and Republican National Committees. It replaced the League of Women Voters in 1988 and has been sole sponsor of every presidential debate since that time. The CPD decides the format of the debate, what topics will be “debated,” and who gets to debate. Yes, the folks already in the debate decide who gets to debate, and who does not - a conflict of interest?

Forth Position Design created this graphic in order to highlight two points that might become more apparent if we had open debates. Please feel free to share the graphic far and wide!

Weapons dealer: Secretary Clinton’s approval of transfers (sales) of weapons from United States based manufacturers to countries/governments that the US State Department has criticized for human rights abuses is disturbing, especially when both the companies and the countries involved in these transactions have donated large sums to the Clinton Foundation. Repeatedly pointing out that donors to the Clinton Foundation did not get highly coveted meetings with the Secretary does not address this issue.

Button Pusher: Trump really has no definable policy positions, his campaign exists solely as a reactionary response. His racist, sexist, xenophobic remarks appeal to an audience conditioned to quell their own feelings of powerlessness by attacking “others.” The entire spectacle is ultimately just another self aggrandizement scheme, tracking back to Trump & the Trump brand. If the contrast between the candidates is essentially policy vs. no policy, does it really qualify as a “debate”?

Read more at The Missing Point.



I’ve just recently completed the first video for my blog The Missing Point: PURPLE? YEAH, NOT SO MUCH. Politics, Power and Purple, all wrapped around a quote from Mr. Spock! The brilliant Kevin Wilson did the music / sound design for the opening of the piece. Subscribe to The Missing Point for more like this.

Dedicated to Leonard Nimoy, LLAP–IDIC!



I had been musing about doing a video for Bernie Sanders. I had made a small donation to the campaign and my partner was out on the street collecting signatures to get Bernie on the ballot. I had jotted down some notes/sketches months back, but hadn’t gotten around to working them out fully. I found myself frequently writing about Bernie on my blog. The Sunday before Super Tuesday, Feeling the Bern, and quite caffeinated to boot, I decided to remix my Koosinich Remix for Bernie. The final render was at 5:01 AM...


in collaboration with The Illuminator

As part of a recent collaboration with
The Illuminator collective, Forth Position animated 50+ short clips to be projected throughout New York City to promote the Under One Sky rally. Rallies were held in 70 locations around the globe to support the new UN Sustainable Development Goals and to add pressure for their implementation. The clips feature a diverse group of individuals searching, finding their way, and ultimately coming together in common cause.


From its inception Forth Position Design has focused on producing meaningful work that makes an impact, assisting those with something to say in “raising their voice.” We call this work Design for Awareness.

Our design process accesses the particular perspectives / perceptions of the intended audience to allow the design to be more easily internalized. This attention to, and respect for, what is relevant to the people who will interact with the design, is quite different from the after the fact customizing and personalized tagging so commonly seen today.

There are those who argue that the nature of the information being communicated should have no bearing on the quality or functionality of design - that the true test of a good designer is to make the message relevant through the force of their design alone. Forth does not subscribe to this notion.

We conceive of design as a holistic process both informed and empowered by the message. To this effect, every message may not necessitate or even be deserving of good design. A powerful message can inspire a sense of purpose during the design process and a sense of satisfaction at the completion of the project.

We believe good design work is inextricably linked to this sense of purpose / satisfaction.



The 9th Annual Dance Parade is just a week away and I am having a hard time deciding where I want to be this year. Participating organizations are listed alphabetically along with their dance “styles.” Many of these dance “styles” also double as musical genres. This year there isn’t a single group listed as TECHNO. Perhaps this is because TECHNO isn’t really a “style” of dance as much as a musical form. There are certainly a number of dance forms that have developed in response to TECHNO music, but the sound has never really been about one dance “style.” Over the years I have met many who love this music as I do, their movement a direct response to the sound, a direct line to their heart and soul. I feel there is a correlation between the freedom the form provides and what I find most precious about the Dance Parade itself. For me the Parade has always been about reclaiming our bodies through movement: you don’t need to be qualified to dance, know the steps, have the moves, or be a “good dancer” to express yourself and explore your world...

The first few years I participated in the parade, I was fortunate to find my TECHNO sisters and brothers among the Blackkat / Septik Nexus crew. For two years I helped facilitate an Occupy Dance presence in the Parade rekindling some its underlying political roots. The last couple of years I have danced down Broadway with Grand Marshals Louie Vega and Hex Hector respectively. I enjoyed the music and it is always fun to be in the Parade, but I would rather be dancing to TECHNO. I am not sure where I will be this year. There is a STORM RAVE (featuring Frankie Bones, Adam X, Heather Heart, Lenny Dee, and Rob Gee) following the Dance Parade, that very night in fact. I wish I could import some of that into the Parade. Many of you reading this may be familiar with Berlin’s MAYDAY and LOVE PARADE festivals, and I know many who will be trekking to Detroit two weeks from now for the MOVEMENT (DEMF) festival. Political movement echoes through the streets of New York. Movement itself will take to the streets on May 16th. Will TECHNO be in attendance? Does TECHNO still dance in NYC?