From its inception Forth Position Design has focused on producing meaningful work that makes an impact, assisting those with something to say in “raising their voice.” We call this work Design for Awareness.

Our design process accesses the particular perspectives / perceptions of the intended audience to allow the design to be more easily internalized. This attention to, and respect for, what is relevant to the people who will interact with the design, is quite different from the after the fact customizing and personalized tagging so commonly seen today.

There are those who argue that the nature of the information being communicated should have no bearing on the quality or functionality of design - that the true test of a good designer is to make the message relevant through the force of their design alone. Forth does not subscribe to this notion.

We conceive of design as a holistic process both informed and empowered by the message. To this effect, every message may not necessitate or even be deserving of good design. A powerful message can inspire a sense of purpose during the design process and a sense of satisfaction at the completion of the project.

We believe good design work is inextricably linked to this sense of purpose / satisfaction.