Producer Wiley Faselt delivered his rough cut to Forth along with the individual shots and audio tracks to be re-cut with graphics. This allowed us to synch the audio as well as finesse and effect the shots. Color was removed, grain added, shots composited overlaying raw footage from more than one source. The seamless integration of video and audio was achieved thru a complimentary back and forth between producer and designer, the edited version sweetened by an audio engineer for the final spot.

There are several advantages to working this way. When the spot needed to be updated several times over the next year, it was a simple process to re-composite shots that were changed and re-render the spot. Another advantage was that the graphics could be modified and re-cycled for use in a number of related spots. In those instances these new graphics were rendered with an alpha channel and e-mailed to the facility where the new spots were being cut, saving the producer time, money and a headache or two.

Producer: Wiley Faselt (Huntshaw Creative)
Design / Animation: Thomas Gallagher (Forth)
Music: Sandblast