Awareness from the Forth Position Archive

On June 30th, 2003 United for Peace & Justice alerted its member organizations to save the date for a worldwide protest during the Republican National Convention: Aug 29, 2004 - The World Says No to Bush. Forth launched in March of 2004 with 10,000 DE-SELECT stickers and eight t-shirt designs, later expanded to eleven. Additionally, 3000 signs and 2000 buttons were printed.

The notobushbox (base graphic) was designed to easily accommodate other cities and to allow for translation into other languages. The graphics were designed for maximum legibility, recognizing that a photograph of a sign accompanying an article (the text of the sign commonly the largest type on the page) could become the single element that defined (in this case - announced) the protest to the reader. In television news reports, the footage of the sign often informed the byline of the story.

Downloadable Flyers – New York / London / Rome

Associated Press Photos – Kathy Willens

Over the next several months notobush did outreach on multiple levels. All materials were designed for use as tools to raise awareness of the upcoming demonstration, and catalyze dialogue about issues that were central to the movement. As was common in other Forth organizing and design work, empowerment was at the heart of this campaign. When people are struggling to have a voice, it is not particularly effective to tell them what to say. It is far more empowering to offer them the tools and support they may need to find their own voice and then to raise that voice. Some selections from the extensive notobush gallery:

After the 29th the base graphic was modified to read Nov 02 / USA, a reference to the US electorate staging a nationwide “protest” through the act of voting. A final version of the base graphic was produced for Jan 20 / DC (Bush’s 2nd coronation). The DE-SELECT graphic was modified to illustrate the shift from Florida (2000) to Ohio (2004). The got wmd / bush lied graphic was modified after election day to read: got dnc? bush lost.