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Stand Up New York was a loose knit coalition established to organize around the first anniversary of 9/11. Two events were the focus of this organizing: a march / rally - Stand Up, and an all night vigil - Stand Still. The two events were seen as complimentary, offering people a range of ways to express their feelings. The march / rally invited those who wanted to be vocal to stand up prior to the actual anniversary, recognizing that media fervor on the actual date would likely drown out any dissent about the war. The vigil offered those wanting to reflect with like minded others on the anniversary an opportunity to stand still. Standing still as in stillness or silence and still in terms of time, as in continuing to stand. The stand up / stand still concept was also an intentional re-framing of the often used / abused phrase united we stand. 

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Central to the Stand Up mobilization were solidarity actions around a host of related peace & justice issues. To this effect, later versions of the flyer contained a full calendar of 12 unique events. A lead banner and five solidarity banners were designed to increase visibility of these issues, and mobilized at numerous actions over the next several months including the march / rally in Washington DC on October 26th, 2002.

March (Solidarity) Banners – 6-10' x 2'

Stand Up March - photo by Adam Rountree
Uptown Youth for Peace & Justice March
Uptown Youth for Peace & Justice March
Protest at (in) Senator Clinton's Office
Not in Our Name Rally – Central Park
Stand Up March - photo by Adam Rountree

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Stand Up March
Cover of Friedens Forum - Challenge Terrorism?

All black and white photos by Fred Askew