Dr Zizmor


Welcome to WOW – a new section on Forth Position. WOW covers a lot of ground, from excited exclamatory response to brilliant art & design straight through to teeth clenched whispered wow work that leaves you questioning wtf? Involuntary response is what we are looking for here. Enjoy your stay.

To inaugurate the section, recent versions of the classic Dr Zizmor New York City Subway ad. Below the ads as they appear on Dr. Zizmor’s website is a high resolution recreation of it as it appeared on the subway (yes, someone loved it that much). The ad is a fantastic cornucopia of “how to design” tips and tricks. Among the many highlights: 

• Soft dissolve from night skyline to “day” (gray) rainbow!
• Rainbow color sequence reordered to create a delightful red to green transition!
• Supersized (photoshop) stroke on the headline!
• Heavy drop shadows in both black AND white!
• A drop shadow OVER a solid color stroke surround! HOT DAMN!
• Dancing credit cards, customer clip art, checked boxes, plus a signed statement from Dr. Z himself!
• Stars.
And now Dr. Z even has his own scannable QR code!

Can’t get enough? Here it is in motion:

I first saw these posters while I was a student at Pratt Institute. Dr. Z had an enormous impact on all us aspiring designers! I welcome your comments below. Until next time – TG